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 Roseanne Rowle (Rose)

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PostSubject: Roseanne Rowle (Rose)   Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:44 pm

(*Currently depressed that group doc isn't working and I can't copy and paste the bio Evil or Very Mad This is really cheesy*)

Full name: Roseanne Ruby Rowle
School Year: 6th
Wand: 13 and a half inches, Unicorn hair core, Ash

Rose is an ordinary witch and does not pride herself on being anything special. She branches from a proud pureblood Slytherin family, however it is rumored that her Mother is a half blood but it is hardly spoke of and ignored. Her family seem to have given up on her after seeing she did not possess the usual pride and Death Eater attitude as the rest of her family. Rose is an only child, and after years of unsuccessfully trying to make her family proud she can't help but feeling lost and unsure most of the time. After being sorted into Hufflepuff she thought she might as well try and do well for her house, despite the bitterness she accepted that her kindness and loyalty were her best characteristics. Whilst admiring both Death Eater and Order views in different ways, she doesn't think she could live up to expected standards, she isn't good with being told what to do or keeping secrets. Rose now mainly focuses on doing well for herself and can sometimes be quite selfish, she gets upset easily and has the most fabulous mood swings.

She has plenty of magical ability but is not so good at controlling it, being generally ditsy doesn't help either, nor having an extremely short attention span. Rose spends most of her time thinking to herself and is usually outspoken. But, of course, she likes to enjoy herself and have a good time especially as seriousness just isn't in her. She dislikes disloyalty, backstabbing and general nastiness and prides humor, braveness and good conversation.

Overall, she is still finding herself. Her best interest isn't in becoming powerful or highly thought of but by doing the best for herself.
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Roseanne Rowle (Rose)
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