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 Rudy Himmel Hubermann

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Cynder Dustypaws


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PostSubject: Rudy Himmel Hubermann   Wed Feb 29, 2012 2:16 am

Full Name: Rudy Himmel Hubermann

Gender: Male

School: Hogwarts

House: Slytherin

Year: 6th

Blood Status: mudblood

Wand: 10' sturdy. Phoenix feather and Ash. Good at charms.

Appearance: an image > X
He stands 5" 9'

Personality: Arrogant... but kind.
Sturdy and gentle, Rudy is the typical annoying bastard who would bug you about anything until he gets it. He stands up for others, and is brave.
Stubborn as a mule, this boy will jump before thinking, so to say.

Bio: Rudy Hubermann. What's to say about him?
He's just a normal boy, and his story isn't long.
Rudy was born in Berlin, Germany. He lived there for five years where his main language was English, while learning his normal German as well.
Rudy's family travelled about often, due to his father's job. When he was taken to England, after he turned eleven, the boy was asked to join Hogwarts.
Shocked about his magical ability, due to being born of two muggles, the boy agreed to going.
He got his wand from Gregorovich while visiting Bulgaria, and now attends Hogwarts.
He is in love with Cynder Dustypaws, though she has no feeling towards him.

His Patronus is a Coyote.
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Rudy Himmel Hubermann
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